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Ear Candling or Thermo-Auricular Therapy

How do they work?

A light suction action (chimney effect) and the movement of the flame create a vibration of air in the ear candle. The warmth and the movement might dislodge excess wax that has build up in the ear. It is important to know that the candles can't suck out anything out of the ear, as the suction is not strong enough. Once the excess wax is dislodged, it will make it's way out of the ear naturally.

Ear candling is a soothing and relaxing treatment which can be used for a wide range of conditions associated with the ear, nose, throat and head.

"After just one ear candling treatment I felt my hearing was much improved and when I had the second treatment I felt it had returned to normal. I was very impressed with how quickly the treatment worked and I think the face massage is an absolute must. I found the whole experience with Mascha pleasant and relaxing and I would definitely recommend it".
Gill Barrow, Ascot

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The treatment

Is carried out whilst you are lying on a massage couch. The Therapist will examine your ears using an otoscope. This is to ensure that there is no infection in the ear or any other reason why candling would not be recommended.

A protective cloth is placed on the head and face. The candle is placed in the outer ear and ignited. The warm air softens any debris and excess ear wax, which may be released from the ear naturally over a few days following the treatment. The candle is taken out of the ear when there is 10 cm left and extinguished in a bowl of water.

Please note that it is not possible to extract earwax from the ears straight into the candles. There is a filter in the candle, which prevents anything falling into or coming out of the ear into the candle.

Ear Candling will only remove excess wax, because we all need some ear wax, as it has a protective role. It cleans and lubricates the ear, and can protect the ear canal from bacteria and fungus. Under normal circumstances the ear has a self-cleaning system that naturally removes ear wax.

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Following the candling

A neck and face massage is carried out to enhance the working of the candles, however, the treatment can also be enjoyed without the massage.

At the end of the treatment the candles are opened and the residues examined. Depending on the outcome further treatments will be discussed. Please note that the powder and wax that might be found in the candle is not from your ears, but from the candle itself.

Good to know

There won't be a flame in your ear, nor will the flame touch your ear.

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Biosun Ear Candles are made by hand with the following ingredients: Pure beeswax, Honey extract, Sage, St John's wort and Camomile.
These candles are not suitable if you suffer from Epilepsy or if you are in the early stages of pregnancy.


Ear candling is not suitable for people who have a perforated eardrum, grommets, acute infection of the ear or the surrounding areas.

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